fire water

ice wine

A brilliant blend of fresh garden chilies and herbs including Habanero, Ghost Chilies, Jalapeno, Scotch Bonnet, and Carolina Reaper, Ginger, tomato, onion, garlic all naturally fermented, preserved, and bottled for your enjoyment!

When making Ice Wine, we allow the peppers to freeze on the vine concentrating the flavor giving us these beautiful translucent peppers before fermentation. Made from Habaneros, Ghost Chilies, Jalapenos, Scotch Bonnets, and Carolina Reapers. Even though it is called Ice "Wine" there is no alcohol in this sauce. 

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The best Chef around, he has a personal touch and a unique food offering that is very rare to find!

Thuan N.

Chef Wes is a locally owned and operated business dedicated to winning over your taste buds! 

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If you like hot sauce, you should reach out to Henry Wesley and grab a bottle of his! It's literally 🔥
I'm gonna need a couple more bottles to keep as back up!

Andi J.

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